Taking Kids to Church Matters More Than the ‘Right’ School. 
by Gino Grunberg on February 2nd, 2022
In a recent article dated January 25, 2022, Public health expert Tyler Vander Weele and his team at Harvard examined more than a decade's worth of data tracking the development of 12,000 children.The study focused on how four school categories - public, private, religious, and homeschool - might affect the long-term well-being of adolescents.Here are some of their findings:There was little differe...  Read More
What we have MISSED this past year. 

by Gino Grunberg on January 26th, 2022
These last few Sundays, we have seen an increase in people attending in-person services at 9:00, and 10:30 am at Gig Harbor High School. In addition, it has been fantastic to see friends and family make their way back to church.A couple of weeks ago, several families came up to me after the service and said, “It is so good to be back. We have missed being in community.”I would venture to say that ...  Read More
How much faith is enough faith?
by Gino Grunberg on January 19th, 2022
In the book, Living a Life That Matters, Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote: “Most people are not afraid of dying; they are afraid of not having lived.” In essence he is saying that what frightens us most is the dread of insignificance; the notion that we will be born, live and die and none of it will matter. We desperately want to live long enough to get it right, to feel we have done something worthwhil...  Read More
FIVE Wise Choices for 2022
by Gino Grunberg on January 5th, 2022
This Sunday, we begin a new series focusing on five wise choices you’ll want to make this year that will help you finish strong. These five choices can be found in the acrostic G.R.A.C.E. What are they? Join us each Sunday at 9:00, or 10:30 am in-person or online on the H.C.C. App, H.C.C. website, or on YOUtube (on your Smart T.V.) under HCC253.Preschool programs will be provided at both services....  Read More
Holiday Schedule
by Gino Grunberg on December 16th, 2021
This Sunday, Episode TWO with COMMUNION.Christmas Eve at HCCSunday after ChristmasNew Year Sunday...  Read More
An Intentional Giving Moment
by Gino Grunberg on December 9th, 2021
This year has been challenging in the life of our country and the world as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, in the midst of uncertainty, there has been a lot of good things happening in our church and community because of your generosity.Thank you for your faithfulness in attendance, both online and in person. Your willingness to faithfully serve and give this year continues to...  Read More
HCC Student Ministry Transition
by Gino Grunberg on December 2nd, 2021
One of my favorite quotes from Mr. Rogers is, "Often when you think you are at the end of something; you're at the beginning of something else."That is the best definition of a transition.This past week I announced that Kramer and Alyssa Payne, our student ministries pastors, will be transitioning out of their role at HCC at the end of this month. We will certainly miss them!For the past five year...  Read More
Feeling anxious about your family getting together this Thanksgiving? 
by Gino Grunberg on November 24th, 2021
The Pew Research Center writes that "Americans have rarely been as polarized as they are today." As a matter of fact, their research shows that 77 percent of Americans believe the country has become more polarized since the pandemic — that is saying a lot. Before the pandemic, 40 percent of people from both sides of the aisle saw each other as the "enemy."With that in mind, how will you be approac...  Read More
One of the greatest compliments you can give a church.
by Gino Grunberg on November 18th, 2021
I was at a dinner party some time ago, and as I was introducing myself to people, several of them asked, “What church in Gig Harbor do you pastor.” Of course, I said, “Harbor Christian Center.As soon as those words came out of my mouth, one lady said, “Oh, I know about that church; that’s the helping church.”That night as Mardel and I drove home; my heart was filled with gratitude for everyone who...  Read More
Our Vision: Become a YOURFIRST church
by Gino Grunberg on November 11th, 2021
For the past two Sunday mornings, we have been laying out a foundation for HCC 2.0. This has been a series designed to help us recalibrate the vision and mission of HCC for a post-Covid era.If you didn’t get a chance to attend in person or online, I encourage you to listen to last weeks talk and “Join The Mission.” (CLICK HERE or watch it on your HCC App under media)Our mission is “to help people ...  Read More
Never Waste A Good Crisis

by Gino Grunberg on November 4th, 2021
Those words have been attributed to Winston Churchill after WW2. This is a way to say that there are a few ways value can be salvaged from a crisis.The pandemic in the past two years has impacted us culturally, economically, medically, and spiritually.Like many churches across the county, we have been navigating our way through some very rough waters. As we begin to see a new normal emerge and the...  Read More
What you do with your shopping cart says a lot about you.
by Gino Grunberg on October 28th, 2021
Drive to any grocery store and look at what people do with their shopping carts after they are done using them. What does it say about you if you put it in the designated shopping cart collection area in the parking lot? But, on the other hand, if you leave it to drift off into parking spots, does it reveal something about your character? Some time ago, Kelly Allen discussed a theory about the sho...  Read More