There's A New Building In Town!

As you may have heard this past Sunday, we have an opportunity to be a YOUFIRST Church; loving God and loving people.

The Gig Harbor Food Bank will be completing its new 10,000 square feet building in the next few months. They have been tremendous partners for the past 25 years as you have generously provided bags and boxes of food all these years.

This past year because of HCC's partnership with the food bank:

  • 10,091 Individuals were served
  • 4,210 Families were served
  • 3,673 Children were served*
  • 211,911 Meals were provided
  • $311,794 was dispersed for rent assistance, medicine, utilities, and gas card

Now, as a church, we have a significant financial opportunity to help with their $8 million facility that will perpetually serve families in the Penninsula who are dealing with food scarcity and the many other issues that come with that. (as of today they have raised $7.7 million)

Our hope and prayer are that on Easter Sunday, April 17th, we would provide them with a $50,000 check and help close the gap.

Would you be willing to join us in doing that?

We're asking everyone who is a part of HCC to double down. Whatever you give every month to HCC, you would provide an additional gift for that same amount marked for the Gig Harbor FISH Foodbank.

Your generosity will provide a compassionate response for years to come to the many families in our area struggling to make ends meet.

You can give online by following this link: CLICK HERE.
Let's do this!
Gino Grunberg