THREE Questions About Easter

I love the Easter season; it's all about HOPE!

As we prepare for the most significant day in all of history, I would like for you to be thinking about 3 questions:

First, who will you be inviting to join you at HCC on Easter Sunday?

Whenever someone shares their story with us about how they started attending HCC, it usually begins with this statement: "Someone invited me to HCC." Rarely does someone just drop in on a Sunday. People come to HCC because you invited them. Easter is an excellent opportunity to invite your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to a place of hope, where they can find the answer to a life they long for through the love and grace of God.

Second, How will you get involved as a volunteer on that Sunday?

On Easter Sunday, our attendance is usually twice as large. With all the beautiful children's programs that we offer on that day, and the excellent hospitality provided, people like you can play a vital role. Would you consider volunteering during one of the services? It's a great way to get connected with people. CLICK HERE to Volunteer. 

Third, what kind of financial contribution will you make as we finalize our campaign for the new Fish Food Bank facility that will be completed in a couple of months? 

On Easter Sunday, we aim to present the Fish Food Bank a check for $50,000 toward their fundraising campaign for a new facility that will serve all of the Peninsula. As of today, we are at $27,400. The deadline to give above and beyond your regular giving towards these wonderful partners that we serve with is Friday, April 15th. You can give online by CLICKING HERE.

See you on Sunday!