We Have Decided!

The task force has decided on the architectural firm we will be using for the design work of HCC's future facility.

They have selected BCRA as our first choice. BCRA is a service firm that for 32 years has been using Architecture and Engineering design as its primary tools to provide creative solutions to serve and further each organization’s mission and purpose. They are dedicated to designing purposeful, attractive, and sustainable spaces that create a sense of belonging, improve quality of life, spark opportunities, and build healthy communities.

Two of the significant values that were vital to the task force:

  • Large in-house staff and knowledge
  • Local municipal experience 

Our desire is to have a pre-design plan for you to look at sometime in the fall.

If would like to be part of phase II of our building task force (dreaming and design stage) please let me know by signing up here. CLICK HERE

See you on Sunday!