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“The role of the leader is to define reality and give hope.” This famous leadership quote is credited to Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.

As a leader and pastor, I’d like to reframe that statement by saying that the role of leaders is “to help see what is so that we may have a vision for what could be.”

Recently, people at HCC filled out a survey. The purpose was to assess three things:

  1. The demographic makeup of HCC post “Covid Quarantine.”
  2. The spectrum of HCC people’s Spiritual Journey
  3. Identifying needed spaces for our future facility at Gig Harbor North, presently being designed by BRCA Architects. 

These results provide a realistic view of where we are as a church today and will now offer a road map to create a desirable future to impact our community for the next decade.

CLICK HERE to see some of the results.