Your voice matters at HCC!

One of the first things I learned in driver's ed as a teenager is to be aware of my blind spots while driving. These were spots that were not visible from my side or rearview mirrors. In addition, I was taught to make an effort to look behind my shoulders before changing lanes to make sure there was not another car in the lane I wanted to merge into. 

That discipline has kept me from numerous potential accidents.

All of us have blindspots, areas where our view is obstructed. The businesses we run, the companies we work for, and even the church we attend can have blind spots. 

In leadership circles, we often say, "a blind spot occurs when a leader thinks s/he already knows the correct answer or best course of action and is, therefore, unwilling to spend additional time listening to others."

At HCC, we have always valued collaboration. That means taking time to listen so that we can have the best outcome possible for most people. Indeed, you can't please everyone, but you can allow everyone an opportunity to voice their perspective on an issue.

This past Sunday morning, several of our Council members provided an update regarding our future facility. We are now in the pre-design process with the help of the BCRA architectural firm. At this design stage, we must identify all the spaces needed to fulfill our vision and mission as a church.

One way to ensure we don't have any blind spots regarding our future facility is to invite you to fill out this survey and provide your perspective.