I really didn’t know what I was getting into

I have asked Ric Hansen to write this week's HCC Blog. Ric is a regular part of HCC and is the Lead Director of "Night To Shine" coming up in February.

Music and entertainment have been a big part of my life, so when I read about NFL star Tim Tebow’s worldwide event called “Night to Shine”, I was intrigued. I thought, hey, I could probably get a DJ and throw a dance party for people with special needs. Little did I know the enormity of the task and what a life-changing experience it would be. It was clear God was calling me to use the gifts he blessed me with to honor his special creations with love and compassion.  

Getting a DJ was the easy part. It turns out it was a night that was four months in the planning, involved over 400 volunteers, and included a banquet of food and beverage, corsages and boutonnieres, decorations, a hair, and make-up room, a relaxation room for parents, a sensory room for over-stimulated guests, medical staff, security, coat check, karaoke, prom pictures …and lots and lots of dancing!

The result on prom night was nothing short of magical. As our guests arrived in their finest party attire, beautiful dresses, suits, ties, and oh-such-amazing smiles lit up the room; our huge column of cheering volunteers welcomed them with applause, high-fives, and reciprocal smiles. 

I have never witnessed such joy as in that room for 3 hours non-stop. Our honored guests were beaming from start to finish. Then, the highlight of the night, when every one of them was crowned King or Queen of the prom, every parent, guardian, and volunteer could feel the love of Jesus in the room. 

Our honored guests had a fabulous night they would not forget…..there is no question. But the part I wasn’t quite expecting was the emotional and moving experience it was for every volunteer who helped make it happen.  

As we plan for our big event to return (after covid) on February 10, 2023, we are leaning heavily on the Holy Spirit to guide us and our many volunteers in this love-fest.  

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