People who attend church are happier.

This past Sunday, we started a new "ALL IN" series. We are focusing our time on Sundays asking this question, "What is our first step forward as a church in the 'Post Quarantine Era?'"

The first step is to move towards community and away from isolation.

Robert Putnam, a Harvard researcher, wrote a book called Bowling Alone.

He says, "Something about religion seems to cause people to become more satisfied with their lives, and that 'something' turned out to be church friends. Gaining friends at church seems to make you both happier and nicer. Church friends produce happier, nicer people."

Move towards community and relationships, and your happiness rate will increase.

One of the ways to do that is to become part of the HCC movement, "Find Your People," Once you join, you will have the opportunity to see existing groups (new ones starting every week, or you can create one). There are BEGINNER GROUPS focused on fun activities like pickleball, kayaking, walks, golf, etc. There are INTERMEDIATE GROUPS, focused on Bible or book studies, and then there are ADVANCED GROUPS concentrating on long-term support groups and deep Bible studies.

This is a work in progress, so keep checking in.

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