Future HCC Building Update

During my sabbatical this summer, our building task force was busy these last few months. Once BCRA was chosen as our architectural firm, the task force started meeting every other week and has accomplished the following:

  • Applied for and received a $20,000 grant from the state for pre-design architectural drawings of our future facility. (Thanks to Steve Fisher, one of our HCC Council members, and our partnership with the Gig Harbor YMCA for that grant.)

  • We completed a wetland survey on the property, and none of the wetland areas will be impacted by the proposed HCC Facilities. 

  • A land and tree survey along with the title report has been completed. 

  • We developed a preliminary outline of functional programs, with a list of required spaces and approximate areas identified. 

  • Laid out a foundation for goals and a vision for the new HCC facility

  • We visited Fircrest Community Center for facility ideas that serve the greater community.

Special thanks to our building task force members and their wise insight regarding our future HCC facility at Gig Harbor North. If you’d like to be on this task force, let us know. CLICK HERE
We’ll see you back at Gig Harbor High School on Sunday for our 10:00 am service. We will be starting the series "ALL IN"