Grateful For These Leaders

One of the joys of leading and pastoring HCC is working with our HCC Council. This group of people who make up our board, tirelessly and passionately provides ongoing discernment and direction for our church. They help oversee the ministry of HCC, and they are a wonderful gift to our community. 
Though you may not see or know them, rest assured that they are some of the best volunteers at HCC. Here are their names so that next time you see them, you can thank them personally for their faithfulness. Also, include them in your prayers as they continually seek out the will of God regarding the beautiful ministry of HCC.

Adele LaComb
Steve Fisher
Adison Richards
Steve Brannon
Manuela Schwab
We’ll see you on Sunday at Sehmel Park for our 10:00 am services with awesome pancakes. Bring the whole family and your wonderful friends!
Gino Grunberg