Full Yet Empty

A few years ago, 30 of us from HCC went to Israel. One of the stops we made was at the DEAD SEA.

Do you know why it's called that? Because nothing lives in it.

And do you know why nothing lives in it?

It has such heavy mineral content that the water cannot support life of any kind. It's so saturated with minerals that it chokes out all life.

So it's simultaneously decadent and dead. 

It's full yet empty. 

It has water, but nothing is living in it. 

It looks like any other body of water, yet it's dead, which is why it's called the DEAD SEA.

And it got that way because there's no outlet for the water that flows in to flow out.

We have been in a series called the Fruits Of The Spirit these last few weeks. 

Another way to frame this series would be to call it "The Flow Of The Spirit." As we allow the Holy Spirit to flow through our lives, with generosity, kindness, patience, peace, and joy, we create an outlet for the beautiful things God is doing in our lives. 

Essentially we allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us with whoever we come in contact with, literally becoming a "river of life." 

You can become the Dead Sea spiritually or allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you in real acts - in real generosity, real joy, real patience – in a life that lives it out from the heart rather than the head. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday as we conclude our series and celebrate Communion.

Gino Grunberg