Present Or Perfect?

During my sabbatical, I have invited Daniel Johnson, the Executive Director of Harbor Hope, who is a regular part of HCC, to write this week’s HCC Blog.
Last night I watched a video on "How Michelin Star Restaurants Cut Their Onions." In exchange, I traded two minutes and sixteen seconds of life.
 Like me, you are subject to the human temptation of clicking down the YouTube or Vimeo rabbit hole. We can now binge-watch our favorite shows and spend hours and days amusing ourselves in ways unique to our mind's interests and wildest impulses. There is no end to our curiosity. Or is there?
There is a tradeoff with each click of the mouse and tap of a key.
The term memento mori, is a reminder of the inevitability of death. The phrase is Latin for 'remember that you die.' Memento mori jolts us to reality with the heart-racing reality we live our lives against the backdrop of a ticking clock.
The Bible has much to say about time. It says it can be redeemed (redeeming means to recover ownership of something). It says our days should be numbered. Since we have no idea how long our lives last, the idea here is to be mindful of the value of each moment.
 The Bible teaches that time is fleeting, and it makes clear what all of us inherently know, it is passing.
 What do we do with this blunt reality that can scare us to the point of avoidance? We embrace the fact that our moments count and that instead of wasting time, recalibrate not just to saving it but investing it. Relaxing and pleasure are not wastes of time unless excessive. Being hurried or worried or rushed is not a healthy approach either.
 Someone wisely said, "Jesus was never in a hurry, but he was always on time."
 Today (and tomorrow and the day after that), we can commit our way to the God who is the Way. We can cast our cares, fears, and anxieties surrounding time away from us in prayer and meditation. We can ask for forgiveness and help out with addictive behavior and the guilt that comes with it, breathe deeply, and fully inhabit the NOW.
When we are fully here NOW, NOW HERE, we have more wisdom on how to act in ways that impact FOREVER. Easier said than done. So let us all live the next hour well.
Ephesians 5:16 Making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. (New International Version)

Thank you Daniel,