One of the greatest compliments you can give a church.

I was at a dinner party some time ago, and as I was introducing myself to people, several of them asked, “What church in Gig Harbor do you pastor.” Of course, I said, “Harbor Christian Center.

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, one lady said, “Oh, I know about that church; that’s the helping church.”

That night as Mardel and I drove home; my heart was filled with gratitude for everyone who calls HCC their church. Your reputation in this community reflects the love and compassion of God. I am proud of you!

How does that kind of reputation occur? It happens because you care and you are generous. That is why as we begin our season of serving through our annual ROAD TRIP, we once again have the opportunity to be the “Helping Church.”

Will you join us this year? Check out all the opportunities. CLICK HERE or check out the HCC APP under "ROAD TRIP."

See you on Sunday!