Never Waste A Good Crisis

Those words have been attributed to Winston Churchill after WW2. This is a way to say that there are a few ways value can be salvaged from a crisis.

The pandemic in the past two years has impacted us culturally, economically, medically, and spiritually.

Like many churches across the county, we have been navigating our way through some very rough waters. As we begin to see a new normal emerge and the numbers of covid hospitalization go down and a slow return to gatherings, there are some lessons we've learned as a church that we are communicating on Sunday mornings through our series HCC 2.0.

One of the first lessons we unpacked last week was helping people connect and be in community with HCC. Due to the past mandates regarding gatherings, distancing, and masks, we have become fragmented and need to return to being a community and not just a gathering.

The content from last week's talk is the first step to getting connected for new people. We will encourage them to attend "Discover HCC." These will be offered quarterly starting January 2022. We presented the content of "Discover HCC" last week and many of you "joined the mission". So now, as you invite friends to church or meet new people on a Sunday morning, you will be able to help them take the first step to get connected at HCC.

Here are the 6 points of "Discover HCC."

  • We are a church for the unchurched
  • We are made for community and our community needs us
  • We are a community in mission
  • We are committed to the Bible as our critical truth
  • You belong, welcome home.
  • You should become who God made you to be

If you could not attend last week or watch the Livestream, I encourage you to watch it now. CLICK HERE. (also available on the HCC App/media)

Also, let us know that you want to be a part of the mission. JOIN THE MISSION

See you on Sunday!