Financial Security or Financial Serenity

Everyone has an idea about how to be debt-free, but very few have a plan.
How about you?
Many people want a savings account in theory yet psychologically resist it by overspending.
How about you?

People think they have a money problem when in reality, they have a management issue.
How about you?

Starting Wednesday night, November 3rd, we will be offering our revamped “Financial Freedom” course. With a whole new set of tools and content provided by Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University, you will learn:

  • How to pay off debt fast 
  • How to budget in a way that motivates you
  • How to save a fully-funded emergency fund
  • How to change your money mindset and build better habits that last
  • When and how to invest for retirement
  • How the financial system could be holding you back (and what to do about it!)
  • How to change your family tree and leave a legacy that counts

Register today and find “Financial Serenity” REGISTER HERE