The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Heaven

I just finished reading an excellent book by one of my favorite authors, Lee Stroebel. In it, Lee provides evidence and facts that show how heaven is real and a beautiful place that has been prepared for each of us. In chapter 6, he answers the following questions that many people have about heaven. Here they are:

#1: Will There Be Pets in Heaven?

#2: Will There Be Marriage in Heaven?

#3: Will There Be Rewards in Heaven?

#4: Is Purgatory Biblical?

#5: Should Christians Be Cremated?

#6: What about Children Who Die?

#7: Who Will Be in Heaven?

These are likely questions that you have and certainly the same questions that your friends have. So I encourage you to get this excellent book, discover the answers for yourself, and then use these questions to start a spiritual discussion with people you want to share your faith with. Everyone is interested in heaven!

The name of the book is “The Case for Heaven: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for Life After Death” by Lee Stroebel. CLICK HERE TO ORDER