I Am Often Asked...

Should I be baptized now even though I was baptized as a baby?

When you look throughout the Bible, you will see that baptism was followed by those who are old enough to recognize their need for God, mature enough to understand the death of Christ on their behalf, and responsible enough to make a solid decision to trust Christ and follow him the rest of their life.

Almost every time baptism is mentioned in the New Testament, it is attached to the command to first repent, humble yourself before God, trust in the saving work of Christ, and then be baptized. Obviously, decisions like those require significant levels of maturity. So over and over, you will see in the New Testament.

"Those who believed and accepted His message were baptized." Acts 2:41

Now it could be that you were baptized as a baby like I was, which reflects your parent's desire that you would grow up and love God and experience his grace. In many ways, your baptism as an adult confirms their desire for you to love God with your whole heart.

So we advise that even though you were baptized as a baby, you should be baptized as an adult, making a personal choice to become a follower of Christ.

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