This Weekend at HCC!

This weekend we will be celebrating Labor Day. This national holiday honors and recognizes the American workforce that continually contributes to the success of this great country that we are privileged to live in.

This weekend also marks the beginning of a new season as fall slowly shortens our days while displaying some of the most beautiful colors as the foliage changes.

With this season comes the start of schools for our wonderful students and fabulous teachers both in the public and private sector.

At HCC, we will begin a new series called "MOMENT OF TRUTH" as we explore the New Testament letter of James for the next 8 weeks dealing with this thought; I want to have wholesome relationships, yet I react to people in unhealthy ways, why is that?


Our children during the 10:30 service will be focusing their attention for the next four weeks on taking initiative. Considering that when God saw our sin, He took the initiative. He sent Jesus to make things right. So when I see a need and choose to do something about it, people can see the reality of God's love for them.
Ann Webb and her team of volunteers are committed to helping children grow in their relationship with God by educating them with God's word. So feel free to bring your kid's friends when you come to church.

When it comes to our middle school program, Pastor Kramer writes, "We could not be more excited to kick off our Fall GC Middle School program happening every Sunday at our 10:30 am service! It's going to be an awesome time together as the incoming 6th graders join us for the very first time! We will be journeying through the book of "James" in the Bible, looking at what it means to be people of JOY in all moments of our lives. Our Sunday mornings together are a blast, and we can't wait to see YOU and your crew!"
Join us this Sunday LIVE or ONLINE at 9:00 and 10:30 am at Gig Harbor High School.