Communion This Sunday!

Last week someone asked me, "How is the church going since you started in-person services again?" I gave them my typical response and walked through a litany of things as we are slowly regaining the momentum we had before the pandemic.

As I returned to my car, my mind started thinking about some of the things that will be different as we move forward. One of these things is the beautiful celebration we practice as a church called Communion.

This ritual is something Jesus instituted during the last supper that has been observed for over 2000 years, and the pandemic has not stopped this wonderful celebration.

What has changed, though, is how we do it. Starting this Sunday, we will begin offering Communion every month during both Sunday morning services. We will provide a time during worship as we reflect and sing about God's goodness and grace. So when you arrive on Sunday, please be sure to stop by the communion table in the back of the auditorium and grab a personalized Communion set. Then during our worship time, we will lead you through Communion.

Whenever I receive Communion, I mentally confess three things:

  • Sins of commission - things I did that are contrary to God's Word.
  • Sins of omission - things I did not do that I should have done in God's Name.
  • Admit my need for forgiveness. As I eat the bread and drink the cup, I'm reminded that Jesus took my sin on the cross, and by his grace, I am forgiven.

Indeed, this will be different than how we have done it in the past, but what does not change is we will once again be reminded of God's grace given to us freely because of Jesus' death on the cross.

See you on Sunday,