The Divine Reset

What is percolating in my heart these past few months as we slowly come out of the COVID Pandemic is this sense of relief. It’s undoubtedly been a devastating year, to say the least, yet things are looking and feeling hopeful.

We’re certainly not totally out of it; there is still a lot of uncertainty in front of us. So starting this Sunday, our new series will focus on six core principles we can use to reestablish the foundation of our life.

“The Divine Reset” is not simply about our church reopening; rather, the focus is about RESETTING our lives, REESTABLISHING our spiritual values, and RECALIBRATING our future based on a little book of the Bible found in the New Testament.

Join us Sunday morning at 9:00 or 10:30 am at Gig Harbor High School. Children and Middle School programs will be available at the 10:30 service.