Two Important Updates For This Sunday!

First, Governor Inslee, last night, announced that starting immediately, fully vaccinated people will have fewer requirements for wearing masks and can attend weddings, funerals, church services, and sporting events without capacity limits applying to them. That is good news for our area and church. 

For those who are not vaccinated, the CDC is still encouraging masks for their protection and the protection of others. 

We trust that whether you are vaccinated or not that you will continue to take precautions with your health as you see fit. Know that starting this Sunday, according to the CDC, we will NOT be requiring masks during either one of our service for those of you who are vaccinated. 

Secondly, this Sunday, we will begin a new series titled "FOUR QUESTIONS Everyone Is Asking About Truth". In our culture today, we're not sure who is telling us the truth or if the truth can be trusted, or even what the truth is. In these 4 weeks, we will explore how truth affects trust. 

Again, thank you for your patience on Sundays. Due to the pandemic, the school district has limited what spaces we can use, and we hope to have classrooms available for our kids' classes shortly. We are grateful for Ann Webb, our Family Life Director for her creativity and this wonderful weather on Sundays for our Kids programs.

See you on Sunday,