Children Matter To Us!

This past week I took two of my grandsons to school. On the drive to school, Mason, who is ten years old, said, "Pop G, yesterday during our Merge Small Group, we learned how to be peacemakers and avoid getting into a fight with a bully".

The lesson was on how Isaac in Genesis 26 had to keep moving and rebuilding wells when his enemy kept filling his wells with dirt. But by walking away from a fight (more than once!), he showed true strength and wisdom—and God blessed him with peace.

"Pop G, you can show you care about others by walking away from a fight.-- you can take ten minutes to calm down or just decide it isn't worth it and having peace is more important."

I thought, WOW, HCC is really making a big difference in the lives of our children. I'm sure glad my grandkids get to be a part of this beautiful program.  

Every Sunday morning, our staff of incredible volunteers under the outstanding leadership of Ann Webb come prepared to teach all of our children, impacting them with God's love and grace.

This month the focus for our preschoolers is to help them understand that Jesus wants to be their forever friend. Our K-5th grade emphasizes the truth that God came to make peace with us and calls us to make peace with others.

Starting this Sunday, all children will be with us on our GHHS Campus with our Children's ministry team ready to provide a creative environment where our children's spiritual lives can flourish.  

Help your kids grow in their understanding of God and the Bible by faithfully bringing them to KIDZone at HCC on Sundays and Tuesdays for Reading Groups. You can get them registered on the HCC App.

See you on Sunday!