Did You Know?

In a recent survey focused on cultural trends in the U.S. regarding spirituality, 67.8% of American adults are “Bible Curious.” 

The meaning of that term indicates that a high percentage of people want to learn more about scripture. As a pastor, I find these results very encouraging. 

Question: How can we harness this curiosity and help you systematically engage with the scriptures? 

I would like to suggest a simple tool that I have used for years and have shared with hundreds of people. As a matter of fact, our staff every Tuesday uses this tool as part of our prayer time, and you can access it on your HCC App under “Daily Bible Reading.”

Start by choosing a book from the Bible and plan to read a chapter each day. Then as you read, when a statement or passage get’s your attention, mark it and then take through the SOAP method:

Scripture: Write out, word for word, the scripture that stood out to you.

Observation: Write out that same scripture in your own words.

Application: How will my life be different now because of this scriptural truth?

Prayer: Write a prayer, asking God to help you live out this new truth. 

Do this for 30 days, and your curiosity will help you discover the wonder and grace of God.