Here is the PLAN!

This past year, we have stayed in touch with many of you who are part of HCC by calling you and chatting with each of you on the phone. One of the questions that we are often asked is, "Is there a timeline as to when we will have in-person services".

As the infection and hospitalization numbers keep going down and the vaccine numbers go up, we hope that we could go public with our in-person services by Easter Sunday or before. 

One of the ongoing concerns our HCC Council has prayerfully been discussing and discerning is the safety of those of you who are part of HCC and our Gig Harbor community. As we prepare to re-gather, it continues to be a high priority during this pandemic. 

We are very encouraged now that we are in phase two of our Covid State Guidelines. Our next step is to have all the protocols in place to ensure a safe gathering while also coordinating our efforts with the school district as they are implementing reentry plans themselves. 

Some of you have asked, "How can I help" as we re-engage as a church on Sunday Mornings? The first step to helping relaunch our in-person gatherings is by letting us know that you are available to volunteer. One of the challenges churches face around the country as they re-engage is the need for trained volunteers in every ministry area, from setting up to welcoming people. Since we will have covid protocols, it will be essential to meet in a safe and welcoming environment. Let us know if we can add you to our list of volunteers by emailing us at [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you again in the next few weeks.