We're Better Together

If there is one thing we've learned very clearly during the Covid pandemic is, "we're made for community." That day will soon return, and when it does, it will be cause for celebration.

These past few weeks, though, was another excellent opportunity to see that "we are better together." We did as a group what no individual could do by themselves. Thank you for making a difference during Road Trip!

  • Over 200 volunteer spots were filled.
  • Provided 60 opportunities to serve and donate. 
  • As of today, over 3500 items were donated (food, toys, diapers, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • Over $11,000 in cash donations were received. Also, a special and VERY BIG thanks to the Cheney Foundation for a $5,000 grant this year. It was the third year in a row they provided a Road Trip grant.
  • You gave several gallons of blood to our local hospitals through the Blood Mobile.
  • Provided 45 sleeping bags for the Beacon Hill Youth Shelter

We were able to serve many of our regular partners this year and new partners like Associated Ministries. Our partners included CareNet Gig Harbor, Children's Home Society, Fish Food Bank, the Harbor Hope Center, Community in Schools, The Furniture Bank, and so many more. Painting, washing windows, serving meals, installing shelving….all to help the least of these.

Thank you for being part of the HCC Road Trip Team (Covid Edition). We have served foster families, individuals in recovery, needy families, and so many more working together. This is the church at its best, pressing on despite the pandemic.