Did You Know?

Six people made a public profession of their faith in Jesus last week by being baptized.

Over 50 backpacks and school supplies were provided for under-resourced students in our community. 

Eighteen HCC people donated blood through the NW Mobile Blood Bank parked at the HCC office this past Sunday.

We opened a new home for homeless female students in the Peninsula area last week through our partnership with Harbor Hope. We are presently housing four female residents. 

HCC provided two outdoor Sunday services that were nicely filled according to state guidelines. It was a fabulous time of worship and an excellent opportunity to connect with people. 

Through our partnership with Children’s Home Society, HCC provided 140 pairs of shoes for under-resourced elementary age kids.

Several prayer requests have been answered powerfully as someone’s cancer has gone into remission, and someone else received a successful lung transplant. 

We are mentoring 13 high risk students through our partnership with Harbor Hope. 

Bottom Line: During a pandemic, economic instability, racial unrest, wildfires, God is still at work in each one of our lives and through our church. YAY GOD!