Happy Birthday HCC!

We invited eighteen people to our living room In September of 1995 to initiate a community in mission known today as Harbor Christian Center. 

This small group of people, 25 years ago, dared to believe that God was calling them to establish a church whose purpose was to reach unchurched people. Our motto was “no church experience required.” Our desire was to reach a generation of people who had written off the “rituals of religion” yet still needed God’s grace. Since then, our mission continues to focus on introducing people to a relationship with Jesus. 

As we begin our 26th year, with uprisings against racial injustice and an economic recession during a global pandemic, our resolve to reach this community with God’s love and grace is just as fierce as 25 years ago.  

People need God. God invites every human being into a relationship with him through the death of Jesus on the Cross. Our purpose as a church is to communicate this great message to everyone in our community in a relevant and understandable way. 

Thank you for being a part of this serving community. Your prayers, your willingness to care, your eagerness to invite your friends, and your enthusiastic and generous giving make this great endeavor possible.