This Will Make Your Day!

This past week you were an answer to prayer for an extraordinary couple in Mexico. Thanks to the leadership of John and Andria Stephens, HCC has been involved in one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Ensenada led by Pastors Berna and Cotty. 

Over the past two decades, they have led numerous teams to serve Mexican orphans and building houses for families in Berna and Cotty's neighborhood. Many of you have generously supported these endeavors .

This past month we sent your offering to Berna and Cotty's ministry.  The COVID pandemic has economically devastated their area and the people they serve. I want you to read their response and be encouraged today, affirming that God answers prayer. 

Here is their response translated for us by John Stephens:
“John, We received a surprise from your church!  We cannot stop crying and thanking God! He has surprised us once again! Hallelujah! Glory to God! 

John, this week I put together a list of needs we had that we could not pay for. I had to pay for Madai's school, Berenice's school, Hidai's registration again, the phone, and we ran out of gas to cook with yesterday, my bathroom is not working, so it needed to be fixed, the car is not working so we are taking the bus. I asked God for help because we have not been able to pay for the pictures of Madai's Quinceanera (15th birthday, a huge deal in Mexico) from last December.

I took all of those needs to the Lord this week and look he gave us way more than what we asked for. We are so happy John!  Because God is with us. And His vision on me fills me with his peace. With this, we will be able to pay for our needs and help the people in our ministry who need it so much. 

Please thank the church and you for everything you have done for us.  The people in your church have been a great, great blessing to our lives and the people living here in our community. God keeps using you all in great and prospering ways!  We love you all very much!  I don't know what else to say… my heart is overflowing with gratitude to the Lord…. Hallelujah! All the glory is for my Lord!”

Need I say more? Thank you HCC!