Back To School Shoe Drive

Last year, HCC's generous response enabled 70 kids to enter the school year with new shoes. This effort was a collaboration directed by Harbor Hope, our ministry partner, whose mission is “No Neighbor with Unmet Needs.” HCC helped to launch Harbor Hope 3 years ago with the vision of serving the under-resourced and marginalized in our community.

Even though this school year looks different, there is an increased need to help 150 children in our community through this year’s “Back to School Shoe Drive.” You can purchase a pair  of shoes and drop them off at the HCC office or make a donation, allowing one of our Harbor Hope volunteers will go shopping on your behalf.

Mellisa Starmer, one of Harbor Hope's faithful volunteers, shared this with me a couple days ago:

  • “A single mom fled 15 years of domestic violence with her 5 children. They were basically homeless but were helped by friends who offered them a place to stay. The mom had serious health issues (breast cancer) and car troubles. She was unable to provide back to school supplies like backpacks, school supplies, and shoes for her children. Thanks to HCC’s generosity, we were able to serve this wonderful family.” 

When Jesus said, "Love your neighbor," the question was asked, "Who is my neighbor?" Jesus told a story of someone in need, who couldn't help themself. This is exactly what the shoes drive is about.

Thank you in advance for loving your neighbor!

To be a part of this year’s “Back To School Shoe Drive,” simply click the link below. The deadline to sign up is August 4th.