THREE Things!

A special thanks to Ric Matson and his team (Carl Olsen and Sam Shumaker) for building out the PRAYER PATH on the HCC North property.  This trail is located right across the street from the Gig Harbor YMCA parking lot. The path allows the opportunity to experience and have a prayerful short walk. The path goes completely around the HCC owned property for 1/3 of a mile. It makes for a nice prayer stroll for you and your family with several scriptures posted along the trail to encourage you.

On the East side of the prayer walk path there is a grass amphitheater. We are planning to have live outdoor services at the amphitheater on Sunday mornings. Our first outdoor Sunday services will be July 19th, at 10 am and 11 am. Due to the Washington State Guidelines, attendance is limited to 100 people per service. PLEASE RSVP HERE. Be sure to bring your chairs and be prepared to practice social distancing guidelines. If you are not comfortable attending a large gathering, no problem, we will continue providing HCC @ Home every Sunday with the same content as we do at HCC Outdoors. 

This Sunday, we will begin a new teaching series titled “The Happiness Checklist”. One thing we know about our culture is that everyone wants to be happy. Jesus gives us 8 principles that create a level of internal happiness and contentment that goes way beyond our circumstances. We will investigate our willingness to trust his words in light of our own attempts to find happiness. Check out the messages and discussion questions on the HCC App,, or on Facebook/Instagram starting Sunday morning.