Same Storm, Different Boats

The COVID-19 pandemic has occasioned a reoccurring illustration in editorials, from the Pope to the local newspaper, namely: "We are going through the same storm, yet on different boats.” 

It’s an excellent way to be reminded that we’re all in this together. Yet, we need to pay attention to the fact that not all boats are the same.  Many people find themselves in fragile situations. 

Some boats can economically handle this kind of storm and work from home. At the same time, other ships are too small and have been shipwreck by being furloughed, laid off, or their services are not considered essential.

Some boats are emotionally strong enough to weather this storm surrounded by family and friends. Other vessels have capsized while trying to deal with the issues that come with this pandemic alone. It’s can be very lonely, discouraging, and depressing.

Some boats continue to cruise along with business as usual. In contrast, others have taken on water and find themselves feeling anxious and hopeless as each day weighs down on them. At any moment, it seems like their boat might sink. 

“Same storm, different boats” is a good reminder for all of us to have empathy for one another. Empathy is the ability to understand and feel what someone else is feeling during this unsettling time. Empathy allows us to see life from someone else’s perspective and respond with compassion. 

Maritime law has a written policy for encountering vessels in distress. It says, "Every qualified person who is the master of a vessel in any waters, on receiving a signal from any source that a person, a vessel is in distress, shall proceed with all speed to render assistance." This policy reflects the posture of empathy we need at this time.

Everyone will emerge in different ways from this storm. May each of us pause and consider what these different boats are experiencing during this storm and respond with kindness, compassion, and a helping hand. 

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