When I Am Afraid...(fill in the blank)

…I watch more television

…I over-consume
…I work harder

Every morning I open my Bible.com App and read the verse of the day. Today's verse, from Psalm 56:3 said, "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you."

Fear does strange things in our lives. It shows itself when we feel vulnerable. When that uneasy feeling shows up, we want to eliminate and erase it by distracting ourselves, hoping it will go away.

Today, the Psalmist instructs us regarding fearful times. We don't deny our feelings, but instead, allow them to remind us that God can be trusted through the fear. It does not mean that God will cause our anxiety to go away, but it does help us recognize that God is bigger than the fear we are feeling. On many occasions, we discover that fear gets replaced with His "peace that passes all human logic" (Philippians 4:6).

Years ago, my friend Chris Ballasiotes started building a little rock pile in his back yard to remind himself that "when he's afraid, God can be trusted." This little monument of God's faithfulness grows day by day . Listen to his story at HCCZOOMcast.com.

May today be another day when you fill in the blank with a deeper trust in God's provision, protection, and peace.

Gino Grunberg

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