The 6 Acres Owned by HCC at Gig Harbor North

As you read this week’s blog, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that some people in our community are presently facing economic uncertainty. Our desire with this property update is to keep everyone informed about HCC’s future and to let you know of the progress we are making.

In the ongoing pursuit of HCC's future, the Leadership Council has been exploring development options for the Gig Harbor North property. (For detailed information on the property, see prior blog posts.) 

This efforts has focused on the development of a facility to accommodate HCC's multiple ministry expressions. We  were recommended to a company called RisePointe that helps non-profit organizations and churches with designs and feasible options for a facilities to serve their communities. 

We requested and received an assessment of the property's potential from RisePointe. Their assessment and needs analysis has been completed.  The Council conducted an online meeting with the associates of RisePointe where they outlined options for a facility on the Gig Harbor North property. 

RisePointe presented multiple strategies with associated costs to develop the land and build a facility. These are determined based on the square footage of the facility needed to accommodate a variety of ministry expressions. 

As a point of reference: The Hope Center/Boys and Girls  Club, where we met prior to our Gig Harbor High School meeting location, was 30,000 square feet in size. This size footprint accommodated our historic weekly ministries. We learned from RisePointe that the Gig Harbor North property has the footprint potential of 50,000 square feet. 

Now that we have the assessment information, HCC's Leadership Council is meeting for prayer each Wednesday morning to discern God's leading and wisdom. Please join us in prayer as we seek God's will for our future facility at Gig Harbor North.

The HCC Team

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