4 Things We Learned

4 things we learned from our first Sunday Gathering at Gig Harbor High School

Moving is always a challenge, but the efforts of so many behind the scenes contributed to a memorable first Sunday at Gig Harbor High School. Packing, stacking, building chairs, hauling floor covering, and a host of other details were handled by our great team of staff and volunteers.

We also learned a few things. Like the Seahawks at halftime, it's good to make adjustments! These 'tweaks' will facilitate a smoother transition moving forward. 

Here are our top four adjustments for our upcoming Sunday gathering:

  1. In order to provide easy access to people with limited mobility-we are designating the entire front parking lot by the main entrance as “LIMITED MOBILITY PARKING.” Thanks for honoring those spots and finding parking outside of the designated area if you are mobility gifted.
  2. The three main entrances to the building will be identified by designated signs and balloons for easy visibility.
  3. We will be expanding the number of chairs and adding bleachers in the back of the auditorium for additional seating options.
  4. We will continue to add signage inside the school to identify classes and offer direction to the restrooms.

Thank you for your kindness and patience during this transition.  Thanks for downloading and using the Harbor Christian APP for timely updates, sign-ups and serving opportunities.

Its going to be a great second Sunday at Gig Harbor High School. 
See you at 10:00 a.m.