New Service Times

Exciting news! We are just a few weeks away from moving our HCC Sunday morning services to Gig Harbor High School beginning Sunday September 8th.

Our leadership team is very excited about the larger venue to host our Sunday morning gathering at Gig Harbor High School.

We will be able to gather for worship in the Gig Harbor High School Auxiliary Gym, which is twice the size of the present facility we have been using. Over time, we will be moving our equipment over from Pioneer Elementary (formally the Hope Center) and mounting it in place once we have our permits from the city. 

Coffee and goodies will be served in the lobby, which is three times the size of what we previously enjoyed. This facility provides ample room for all the kids classes and there will be times where we can have our inflatables in place indoor for the kids to enjoy, even during the winter months, and plenty of time to fellowship before and after our services.

In addition to the wonderful added space we will have access to 600 parking spots and a shorter walk to the building. No more driving around looking for a spot!

With the increased space we will be combining both services and providing one dynamic service at 10:00 a.m. starting Sunday September 8th.