Moving Day

Exciting changes are just around the corner! We are now only 4 weeks from our BEATS Concert in the Park in downtown Gig Harbor on September [email protected] 10:30 am. The following Sunday, September 8th, we will be re-locating our Sunday morning gathering to Gig Harbor High School @ 5101 Rosedale St. N.W. in Gig Harbor.

Volunteer opportunities abound as we re-tool the logistics of transporting our trailers each Sunday (get that four wheeler in the game!) as well as setting up all our equipment at the high school. Click the volunteer tab on the HCC App or email [email protected] to get mission critical details and join a Sunday team.

A look through the rear view mirror and the windshield…

Harbor Christian Center (HCC) has been a tenant at the Boys and Girls Club/Hope Center for the past 8 years. We have had the privilege to partner in use of the facilities on Sunday mornings for our large group gathering and children’s classes. With the recent purchase of the building by the Peninsula School District, we are seeing the beginning of the construction and conversion phase, ultimately transitioning the building to Pioneer Elementary School. In concert with these developments, we will be moving our Sunday services to Gig Harbor High School.

HCC's production equipment will be moved from the Hope Center to the Gig Harbor High School's Auxiliary Gym. The addition of this equipment will enable state of the art production capabilities for use by GHHS during the week and by HCC on the weekends. These technologies include: projection, sound and lights for future programs, especially enabling on-site choir and band concerts, as well as large group presentations.

We are now in the review process with the school district and the City of Gig Harbor to finalize the plans and procure the needed permits to utilize our equipment in the Auxiliary Gym. Until this process is complete, we anticipate a variety of different looks on our way to a space that replicates what we have enjoyed. Through all of this, we are excited about the increased capacity (600 parking spaces, classroom and seating) enabling all of us to include those we cross paths with to join in and become a part of the HCC "Community in Mission".