The Big Move

We are now a few weeks away from the Boys and Girls Club finalizing the sale of the Hope Center to the school district which will take place on June 30th.  The school district will then begin the process of turning the facility into an elementary school to alleviate the overcrowding we presently have in our school district.

We have had several meetings with school district officials, who have been very helpful and supportive with the next steps we are going to take for this upcoming season of ministry.  Our desire is to be strategic during this transition and continue to grow as a church reaching this community with God’s grace and love. With that in mind, we are prayerfully processing the following idea:

Move our Sunday morning services to Gig Harbor High School.
  • This will allow us to double the size of our seating capacity as we move our services to the auxiliary gym. We’ll have the same set up that we presently have but with more seating capacity.
  • The High School will provide the much needed parking space that has been a continual challenge for us at the Hope Center. GHHS has over 600 parking stalls compared to the 90 we have at the Hope Center and the 75 at Henderson High School in addition to the many creative spots some of you have created.
  • Our Kids Zone and Student Ministries will be more centralized and have additional space for large and small group gatherings.

Continue to pray with us as we process all the details that need to be considered for this kind of move. Our desire would be to have everything in place by September 8, 2019.

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