Update regarding the Hope Center Sale

As many of you are aware, the sale of the Hope Center building has been confirmed with the recent passage of the school bond. The bond allows the Peninsula school district to purchase the Boys and Girls Club building. The district has identified the future use of the building as elementary school #10. Consequently, the school district becomes our new landlord. Here is a quick overview of how this impacts us moving forward:

  • Based on the meeting with the Peninsula district Superintendent, Dr. Art Jarvis, we will continue to meet as a church at the Hope Center on weekends. We are working on detailing a new lease that will re-define our use of the building space
  • One adjustment we will make relates to the office space at the Hope Center. The offices and conference room we presently occupy during the week will no longer be available to us. We are in the process of negotiating a lease for new office space off-site. We plan to finalize the lease in the next couple of weeks and complete our move by June 15th.
  • Our HCC Council will be meeting this week to consider growth options, including the development of our property at Gig Harbor North. We are really excited about the collaborative possibilities that have recently surfaced and will let you know about those in our next blog.

Keep praying with us as we continue to respond to our calling as a community in mission.